australias best surfing spots

Australia’s 5 Best Longboard Surfing Spots

We are going to venture to Australia and find the 5 best longboard surfing spots. Before we begin, let’s find out exactly what longboard surfing is. The longboard used in surfing the waves is an extra long and extra wide surf board. As longboarding is becoming increasingly popular, there are many different companies coming out with different styles of longboards to hit the waves with.

A longboard is kind of like the surfboards in the old surfer movies, romance and memories at their best. But due to its revival, it is no longer the surfboard of the past. Because of its large surface area, a longboard is perfect for a beginner or an expert to take to the waves. A lot like the longboard is easy to paddle.

Enough talk about the boards, lets hit the actual waves, and find the “Australia’s 5 Best Longboard Surfing Spots”. A point that is very interesting about Australia is the fact that it has three oceans bordering it. The three oceans are the Indian Ocean of the West, the Pacific Ocean of the East, and the Southern Ocean of the South.

1. City of Perth, Australia fills the first spot in “Australia’s 5 Best Longboard Surfing Spots”. The city of Perth is located on the west coast of Australia which would be the Indian Ocean. There are many places around Perth for the beginner to the expert longboarder. The beach and water here and in the surrounding areas were made for longboarding.

2. Noosa Heads, Australia located on the Sunshine Coast of Australia is a very important place in the history of longboarding. Noosa Heads most certainly deserves its place on “Australia 5 Best Longboard Surfing Spots”. Noosa Heads is the location of many longboarding competitions known all over the Earth. The water is warm and the waves are not too large which makes it the perfect place for longboarding. Noosa Heads is located on the Pacific Coastline. The old photo below shows a longboarding competition at Noosa Heads with classic longboards.

3. Byron Bay, Australia takes over the number three spot .Byron Bay is a beach side town with the Pacific Ocean as its paradise. Longboarders are especially fond of Byron Bay because the water is warm, and Byron Bay has a shallow bottom. The bay is located in the state of New South Wales. The photo below is overlooking warning point in Byron Bay.

4. Port Macquarie, Australia took the fourth spot. Macquarie is located on the mid north coast of New South Wales.

5. Angourie, Australia is a perfect longboarding place which is noticed for its legend of surfing, Nat Young. It is a very small community, very laid back. Angourie is a perfect point break for longboards. Angourie fits perfectly into the last spot of “Australia’s 5 Best Longboard Surfing Spots”.

australias best surfing spots

Australia Has Many Longboard Surfing Spots and Longboard Competitions

It is amazing how much longboarding clubs and longboard competitions there are in Australia.

It is so exciting that almost on every coast land in Australia; you will see several with longboards. Some are riding the waves and some are enjoying paddling along. There have been rumors of sharks on the Pacific Ocean side. But that is one of the rare dangers that a longboarder might encounter as they visit and enjoy their longboards at “Australia’s 5 Best Longboard Spots”at