Let’s Go and Travel the World’s 10 Best Surf Spots?

What are the World’s 10 Best Surf Spots?

There are some surf spots on this earth comparably close to paradise. Let’s first start this with a little history on surfing as we know it. Actual surfing is untraceable as to its roots. Surfing has been around longer than we can remember. The actual term surfing as we know it was first entered in Captain James Cook’s journal as he watched the Polynesians surfing in Tahiti. From …

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What are the Best 5 Longboard Surf Towns in America?

What are the Best 5 Longboard Surf Towns in America?

What are the best 5 longboard surf towns in America? It is pretty easy to guess the first town would be located in California or Hawaii because of the movie industry. Back in the prime surfer days when the original longboards were what the movie star surfers and the everyday surfers used to influence a whole generation and many generations to follow.
The California Coast and …

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Longboarding Techniques for Beginner Girls

Longboard is one sort of longboard which is quicker in light of its wheel size. It is normally utilized for meandering, downhill hustling, slalom dashing, sliding and transport in Australia. The standard estimation of a longboard is 84 to 150 cm drawn-out period of time their width fluctuate from 22.8 to 25.4 cm. Pintails, swallowtails, level nose riders; drop-through decks are some standard shape longboard or skateboard.

Why longboarding is vital for young ladies in

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Australia’s 5 Best Longboard Surfing Spots

We are going to venture to Australia and find the 5 best longboard surfing spots. Before we begin, let’s find out exactly what longboard surfing is. The longboard used in surfing the waves is an extra long and extra wide surf board. As longboarding is becoming increasingly popular, there are many different companies coming out with different styles of longboards to hit the waves with.

A longboard is kind of like the surfboards in the …

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